OMVending was founded in 1996. The company designs, manufactures and markets leisure and vending machines. We have become a renowned company in the manufacture of leisure machines in Spain and the rest of Europe.

The Company is located in Peralta (Navarre), a town with great industrial tradition, especially in the development and manufacture of vending machines. It is in this industrial atmosphere where, taking advantage of the local industrial know-how, we design and manufacture with great enthusiasm.

OM Vending (OMV) designs, manufactures and markets their own machines, as well as customising machines according to demands of our clients.

OMV machines have been distributed in more than 15 countries over the last 20 years, being mainly European countries the principle destinations, a fact which consolidates us as suppliers of high quality machines and equipment. We also take much pride in our after sales service and personalised attention.

Over the last 20 years, we have demonstrated that we do things well and our customers have communicated this to us. Our main asset is our clients.

In addition to our own machines, since 2016 we have been incorporating machines made by other companies into our product range; always under the strict quality control criteria of OMV. The distribution and after sales service of these machines are OMV’s responsibility, carried out with the same attention to detail as with any other machine made by us. These machines have previously been certified by an external laboratory, thus fulfilling the CE norms, an essential OMV requirement.

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